My work explores geometric abstraction with formalistic and minimalistic tendencies.  Using an intuitive sense of geometry, I compose using grids, lines, and simple shapes.  Using these basic building blocks, I address pattern, symmetry, proportion and positive/negative space etc.  I admire the pared down aesthetic of the De Stijl movement, in addition to the Bauhaus approach of combining art, design and craft.


My work is made using a loom and linen yarn.  The weaving process relies on the relationship between vertical and horizontal elements and requires a creative and technical mindset to solve visual and structural puzzles.  The work generates from, and is held together by, a linear grid.  Visual elements are woven into the cloth and sometimes spring from the surface.  Often, I modify my process and equipment to achieve unusual outcomes, which can be dimensional or sculptural (low relief).


Using spatial reasoning I impose visual order on my materials.  I thrive working between the push and pull of limitation and possibility.  My work is highly scripted improvisation in which I make the complex look simple.  I strive to capture the viewers’ imagination without making my process obviously known.


©2019 by Susie Taylor