My commissioned work, Kizuna, 2019, linen, 18" x 15" (each), was presented to both the mayors of Saratoga, CA and Muko, Japan in a ceremony commemorating the 35th anniversary of their Sister City relationship.  The gift consists of a set of weavings that show geometric shapes that "complete" each other.  One will hang in Saratoga, CA and the other will hang in Muko, Japan.  They are intended to be separated but represent Kizuna which means unchangeable relationship: bond.  




July 13 – September 21, 2019

Material Meaning will feature work by ten contemporary American artists and designers working with textiles who are strongly influenced by Anni Albers – paired with their statements that make that influence explicit, personal and varied.  This exhibit includes a selection of artworks, woven prototypes/experiments, and functional woven textiles – a mix that mirrors Albers’ varied design practice. Given the broad and deep nature of Albers’ legacy, this exhibit is not meant to be definitive. It is intended as an exploration of her ongoing influence, as interpreted by a group of current practitioners in the fields of art, handweaving, and textile design – many of whom are also educators.

Artists include Samantha Bittman, Lois Bryant, Christy Matson, Jennifer Moore, Brittany Wittman McLaughlin, Rachel Snack, Susie Taylor, Cameron Taylor-Brown, Suzanne Tick, and Marcia Weiss.

Guest Curator: Cameron Taylor-Brown


©2019 by Susie Taylor